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The Reason

Posted on: January 16, 2007

This is my first blog on this blog spot.Here i will tell you the reason behind this blog.

Every once in a while, when I’ve been staring at too many lines of code for too many hours before bedtime, I actually start to dream in code. Usually, this happens dring the early morning hours when I’m in that half-awake/half-asleep phase. The code makes perfect sense within the context of the dream, though upon waking the ideas just seem rather bizarre. One time I dreamed about the stairs leading up to my bedroom, at our old apartment, and wondered how one could replicate physical architecture with CSS/XHTML. I decided that a set of stairs should be an unordered list, with CSS setting the height and width of each stair/LI, but also the third dimension, which of course doesn’t actually exist in CSS (z-index notwithstanding). Yes, yes, I need more sleep and less computer. I’m well aware of that.

So because of such bizzare experiences, i thought to start a blog on Protocols of the Code World( Code Name Matrix), so that i can share my experiences……..Every Software Coders(Developer?or Manipulator?) knows why its hard to develop,Hard to make well. Hard to deliver on time. Hard to use the softwares.

Our civilization runs on software. Yet the art of creating it continues to be a dark mystery, even to the experts, and the greater our ambitions, the more spectacularly we seem to fail.

Lets explore the Protocols of the Code World (Code Name Matrix)………….


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