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Discovered a nice thing!!!!!!!!!!(hey look at what I’ve found and I’m excited about researching!)

Posted on: April 12, 2007

Children’s natural curiosity can help them to teach themselves in groups.Take for example,
computer games, i saw this when i went to find my little brother and found that he was in a net cafe playing games with his friends, i just saw from some distance how they were behaving, i came to a point that children can learn faster when they are in groups and by their natural curiosity.It seems that being in a group was a major component to self-learning.

But it makes sense. People don’t learn by rote memorization or being forced to learn something. They don’t really truly learn material by sitting at a desk and forcing it into their brains. we learn by practicing, doing, asking questions, figuring stuff out. NOT by lecture. we learn because we have a question, a problem, or out of curiosity.lectures can help us prepare for tests, but this kind of “figure stuff out” method is what gets you to really learn something.

So what’s the real difference between adults and kids? Just that adults “can’t” learn new things? No. it’s more like the sense of curiosity and self-confidence just fades or grows out of them or something. So the key to always being able to learn is to retain your sense of curiosity and spontaneity.

All these things are sort of “common sense”, but now there’s some sorta scientific “proof”(my experiment) that this is true.

I just wish that we had an educational system that matched research like this. individual teachers who model their classrooms around these ideas are awesome, but when they’re forced to “teach to the test” or their kids will fail and they’ll lose their funding… it just hurts everyone.

Why can’t we take this example for teaching the machines to learn????????any body can help me out ???????????

Anyway, got to get back to work… just didn’t want to forget to write about this.


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