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Posted on: April 13, 2007

Actuarial Science Golden Ratio Pursuit Curve
Art Gallery Theorem Guilloché Pattern Pythagorean Theorem
Bayesian Analysis Handshake Problem Reversion to the Mean
Benford’s Law Integer Sequence Riemann Hypothesis
Cellular Automaton Linear Discriminant An… RSA Number
Cluster Analysis Markov Chain Sabermetrics
Combinatorics Mathematics Prizes SIR Model
Critical Line Minesweeper Sphere Eversion
Discrete Logarithm Minimum Spanning Tree Spirograph
Econometrics Monty Hall Problem Sudoku
Eversion Nash Equilibrium Supersingular Prime
Farey Sequence Origami Tesseract
Fibonacci Number P Versus NP Problem Traveling Salesman Pro…
Folding Percolation Theory Wavelet
Game Theory Prime Number
Geometric Sequence Prisoner’s Dilemma

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