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Einstein Brain

Posted on: June 2, 2007

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Photographs of Albert Einstein‘s brain, taken in 1955. The original caption indicated that: “A, superior; B, left lateral; C, right lateral; D, inferior; E, midsagittal view of the left hemisphere. The arrow in each hemisphere indicates the posterior ascending branch of the Sylvian fissure as it runs into (is confluent with) the postcentral sulcus. Consequently, there is no parietal operculum in either hemisphere. Scale bar, 1 cm.”


  • Source: Witelson, Sandra F; Kigar, Debra L; Harvey, Thomas, “The exceptional brain of Albert Einstein”, Lancet (19 June 1999) 353(9170): 2149-2153, figure 1.
  • This image is copyrighted. The exact copyright holder is not indicated in the above article, but it is likely held by one of the above researchers, their research institutions, or the journal. It is believed that its use on Wikipedia to illustrate the article Albert Einstein’s brain falls under the fair use clause of U.S. copyright law. The rationale behind this is that:
    • The photograph itself is a work of minimal artistic creativity.
    • Its use on Wikipedia is for educational and informational purposes relating to the image directly.
    • The low quality of this image file means it is unlikely to serve as a substitute for the original and thus is very likely to harm any potential profits of the copyright holder, who is clearly indicated above.


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