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Limitations of PageRank concept of Google

Posted on: July 2, 2007

We all are aware of the Google’s PageRank Based Searching algorithm to produce the search results.

But I think there are certain limitations to this type of algorithm. Following are the limitations i think:
1. New pages have less page rank and they take much time to be get listed and gain high ranks.
2. If some one inaccurately quote something on an web page then subsequent readers also quotes it on another web page, search engines index all of the inaccurate pages, and we end up with a mess where fiction is accepted as reality.
3. Search results are based on the
literal(keywords, tags,meta data) things but not on meaning.

I think the move of Google to provide custom search engines may help to reduce the above mentioned limitations. Or somebody else take care of these limitations and they may dominate the Google dominated world.

Let me know about your views on the limitations of PageRank and Google.

Let us hope that in future we can get very accurate results based on the present researches in these areas.


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