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Reign of the Web World (aka Internet)

Posted on: July 4, 2007

Recent innovations in the world wide web(WWW) have transformed our lives, our networking with other people,our thinking and the way we market our products.

Initially Internet was used by very small number of people comprising of mainly scientists and researchers, but at present more than 1 billion people on the planet use Internet for their day to day work.

Web developments helps us to see how the social forces and information changes our life time.

People use Internet :
1. to do business(stocks, internet marketing, e-commerce,ads..)
2. to see the real time news (both multimedia as well as text)
3. to blog (which is helping in changing politics and publishing industry)
4. to Email (which is replacing the way people interact)
5. to enhance their knowledge (browsing – which helps to explore new things)
and many more…..

Internet is the main source to see the patterns in the human race and their thinking, it helps to interact with people from various places of the world…

It may be the best time(bcoz we have access to all the information at our finger tip) or the worst
time( we are madly digitizing everything which may destroy the existence of the present human race if by chance we loose every digitized records) .

I feel very happy with these movements but i think we need to analyze the things like pros and cons.


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