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Tips to Reduce Eye Strain or computer vision syndrome

Posted on: July 14, 2007

Reduce lighting glare in the path of viewing.

Keep visual distractions around: work near a window, put the clock across the room andd turn off the screen clock, anything that helps you look around and change your visual focus frequently.

Make sure the viewing angle is perpendicular to your face, and the screen angle keeps your neck relaxed; that is probably a little below your natural eyeline.
Arm angle to the keyboard needs to be similarly relaxed. If you have to move your arms, hands, or neck (from a comfortable seated position) to get into position to use the computer, something needs to move.

Monitor Configuration
Increase the Refresh frequency of your Monitor (right click on desktop select properties then select settings tab and click on advanced button. Select Monitor tab and change the frequency to higher frequency.

Enable Windows XP ClearType. (Click Here To Download the Clear Type Tuner)


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