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Ajax Quick Glance: Part 1

Posted on: July 19, 2007

Famous Set of Techonologies make AJAX a hot topic.AJAX has changed the way

Web apps are developed and used.AJAX is used to build fast, dynamic websites, and

also to save resources.

AJAX- Asynchronous Javascript And XML

Asynchronous- means that the response of the server while be processed when

available, without to wait and to freeze the display of the page.

Ajax is a set of following technologies

1. HTML –for formatting
2. Javascript –client side processing
3. XMLHttpRequest
4. CSS –for styling
5. DOM –to access data inside the page or to access elements of XML file read on

the server (with the getElementByTagName method for example)

other than this some of the optional technologies

* The DomParser class
* PHP,ASP,ASP.NET,JSP and other programming language on the server side.
* XML and XSLT to process the data if returned in XML form.
* SOAP may be used to dialog with the server.


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