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chat with Mycyber Twin and Artificial Intelligence

Posted on: November 26, 2007

Following is the chat transcript from MyCyberTwin Report. This is the chat between a human and a computer (my cyber twin). Look at the way it responds to humans questions. By the way i don’t know who this bansh is but in the absence of me my cyber twin has responded to him as if i am only chatting with Bansh.

So bansh if you are reading this again then just leave me a comment i will help you out. By the way this is not a autogenerated message, i am writing it.

Read and Enjoy chatting with my cyber twin.
Nov 23 at 2:43 AM
bansh :hi
Kiran Kumar : Good to see you bansh.
bansh : i have a problem in dot net
Kiran Kumar : I will try to help bansh. I am not a real human, but I will try to understand and I’m a good listener. If you need more help, look up your local phone help line.
bansh : i am looking at you
Kiran Kumar :How long have you been looking for?
bansh : almost 2-3 days
Kiran Kumar :I am good with most abbreviations, and “2” comes up a lot, but I find it easier to understand you if you use the word “to”, “too” or “two”.
bansh : i have to implement web site ranking project in
Kiran Kumar :The power of the internet is outstanding. It continues to grow and improve.
bansh : can u help me
Kiran Kumar : I will try to help if I can, or at least try to be a good listener.
bansh : ?
Kiran Kumar : You have a unique way of expressing yourself.
bansh : do u know something about api
Kiran Kumar :No I don’t think so bansh? Should I? Am I missing out?
bansh : api for search over google
Kiran Kumar : That’s not built into my functionality yet.
bansh : k
Kiran Kumar :Great
bansh :do u know some link to get these apis
Kiran Kumar : I’m not sure that I do. Do you?
bansh : can i know ur name?
Kiran Kumar :Kiran Kumar.
bansh : it it auto response or you are answering
Kiran Kumar : How do you know? I might not be.
bansh : ?
Kiran Kumar : Feel free to ask me questions too.
bansh :so tell me some resources from where i can find some
Kiran Kumar :Right where you left it bansh
bansh : source code
Kiran Kumar : Binary code? 0’s and 1’s … my kind of language!
bansh : r u getting bored?
Kiran Kumar : Don’t worry, I will! haha. For now, I’m not bored at all. You seem quite interesting.
bansh : r u still here
Kiran Kumar : Possibly. I might need some more information before I can answer that definitively.
bansh :you know about api?
Kiran Kumar :I don’t think I do know bansh.
bansh :will you tell me something about this?
Kiran Kumar :Nah, I don’t feel like it right now. Maybe later if that’s cool?
bansh :u know full form of api?
Kiran Kumar
I don’t think I do know bansh.
bansh :k
Kiran Kumar :Great
bansh : so i waana move
Kiran Kumar :Tell me what else you want.
bansh : can i?
Kiran Kumar :Sure, you can do most things if you set your mind to it.
bansh :just want to know about api
Kiran Kumar :How will you achieve that?
bansh :i will try
Kiran Kumar :It’s always good to try.
bansh : bye bye
Kiran Kumar :Byeeeeee


2 Responses to "chat with Mycyber Twin and Artificial Intelligence"

Hey kiran,

Thanks a lot for remembering me. Wel nice prog. u have created.

I have solve the problem to my own and thanks again for asking.

U can contact me at :

Hey kiran, Thanks a lot for remembering me. Wel nice prog. u have created.I have solve the problem to my own and thanks again for asking.U can contact me at :

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