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Whats Happening?

Posted on: March 21, 2008

I think I need to really get a life and find the meaning of it. I don’t know what is happening in India (i mean to say Karnataka, i don’t know about other states.).Most of the people I know happen to be engineers. Yeah, I mean the BE/B.Tech sort.

I know very few folks doing commerce and related courses. A couple of them doing pure sciences. And very, very few in Arts. And just, just ONE person pursuing fine arts. And anyway, these aren’t people I interact with on a daily basis – just old friends who I get together with once in a while in the name of a reunion.

Around where I live is surrounded by software folks, and those who aren’t Software Engineers or not into IT are into ITES. At home… my parents aren’t engineering graduates.

My interaction with non-engineers is minimal.We try to analyze the ‘railway ticket allotment and booking algorithm’ while waiting in queues. And queues are where we crib about people not optimizing using queuing theory.

And we are also the sort who commit very less to memory, for everything is available on the Net – it is commonplace to have a information like – wikipedia+James Bond film, String+theory+Philosophy. As per my analysis, the amount of information and knowledge is so huge that we know only basic things and we depend on other things on Internet,we can’t live without Internet.

It’s very disturbing thing that if some terrorist organizations break the very backbone aka.Internet or some company like Google, many things will go down to where they all started, it may put humanity in trouble.

And we are not at all concentrating towards fundamental science, which is essential for technological advancement for humanity.

Can any body tell me what is happening? where are we moving? What is life?


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