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C# Code for measuring application performance

Posted on: March 24, 2008

The DateTime class is not very exact and only can measure in milliseconds. When doing performance measuring on an application you most certainly need to be able to measure with smaller time units than that. High-resolution timers are supported in the Win32 API so following code wraps it up in a simple class:

public class PerformanceTimer
public static extern void QueryPerformanceCounter(ref long ticks);

long startTime = 0;
long stopTime = 0;

public void Start()
QueryPerformanceCounter(ref startTime);

public void Stop()
QueryPerformanceCounter(ref stopTime);

public long Time
return stopTime – startTime;

I’m sure the code is easy to understand. Here is the sample code to show how to use it.

PerformanceTimer perfoTimer = new PerformanceTimer();

// Do something



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You write very well.

You write very well.

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