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Recapturing the milestones of Networking and Internet

Posted on: March 25, 2008

It’s really exciting to see the developments that lead to current situations. The way we communicate and collaborate,do business and every thing else has been revolutionized by the Internet.

Networking has changed our world…
Email, the web, peer-to-peer networks, blogging …
State of the art is changing fast…
Just in the last 10 years
Maturation of web 1.0 (NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, IE, firefox)
Internet searching (Google) and online Ads Market
Deployment / popularization of VoIP
Wireless LANs (and NATs)
Peer-to-peer systems and multimedia
From illegal music (Napster/Kazaa) to legal (iTunes) to illegal movies (BitTorrent) and Video Sharing
Cheap web servers
Social Networking
Wikis …
And much more is coming…


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