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Rules : It is simple to follow rules some times

Posted on: August 8, 2008

Today i had a verbal fight with BMTC Pusphak bus driver. I was going to my office and boarded a bus, when i was getting into bus, at the entrance the driver asked me where i want to go, i said Richmond Circle.He said he will not stop bus at richmond circle and he was forcing me to board another bus. I said, why can’t you stop the bus at richmond circle as there is a bus stop.and he was scolding me, then i said you are not doing your job & not following the rules.And also i mentioned to him that, i am telling him the rules designed by the BMTC Authorities and i am not creating something new to defend myself. When i was telling these things no body was concerned and not speaking a word, all kept quit seeing the drama. I don’t understand what’s wrong with people, they doesn’t care about others.One more thing may know is, in Spiderman movie, a boy says to his mom that “everybody likes a hero”,a hero who can stand for other’s cause,but they them self don’t want to do it. One more analogy is from Steave Job’s speech, he tells that, “Everybody likes to go to heaven after death, but no body really want to die, even those who
want to go to heaven”.

As the bus was full i was also thinking to board another bus, but when the driver said he will not stop at richmond,then i thought of stiking to it until the end. I think only by sticking to something till the end makes the difference. after a while a lady got into bus and she said she want to get down at corporation.Again the driver started telling that he will not stop the bus at coporation circle told her to get down at richmond.i kept quit so that he can cool down and think clearly (when people are angry don’t speak much at that time, let them cool down so that they can think clearly) & thought that once the stop comes up i can again tell him to stop.

At last without my intervention he stopped at both the bus stops, great. Some times it is easier to follow the rules.


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good one

good one

nice blog … keep writing

nice blog … keep writing

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nice one

nice one

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