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Silence, listening & meditaion

Posted on: September 2, 2008

“To hear the voice of God, you must be silent,because God whispers”.

Most of us don’t listen fully.We listen only long enough to determine whether the speaker’s ideas matches with our own. If it doesn’t match then we stop listening. Humans usually listen to what they want to hear not what is being told.

I think we are not giving enough concentration towards listening.AS you might have observed most of the people will be telling you that they “don’t” have time to think also. It is happening because, we are more concerned towards action and neglecting the silence & the listening.

And also you might have observed that, some or the other thoughts will be running in your brains, that voice makes us unstable.

Somewhere i read that, quantum physicists are believed that “empty space” between atoms is filled with life energy. And even Einstein mentioned about it as “the only reality”.

And to listen, we must be silent & silence comes when we concentrate on one thought at a time. Meditation proves a good tool which can make or condition our brain.


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