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Why do i blog? Latest insights & updates

Posted on: September 2, 2008

Luckily i got this question running in my mind. Why do i blog? want to get popular or impress people? improve writing skills?why should i blog at all? So many unanswerable questions suddenly started bursting in my mind within fraction of seconds, what can i do now? blog about it again?am i addicted to write something or is it a new kind of blogging mania? or my reading ability is overloaded and making me to write something? What the hell………….!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is what at present i think all about it.

This blog wasn’t created to change the world or to dazzle few bloggers/readers.It’s all about my scrambling on trial & errors, experiments,readings,programming. Some how i feel that my reading habits make me to tell about it to people around me.

BTW From the comments, i can see that very less people read my blog, is it because there is no pattern or structure in my writing?

Need to analyse my self, it’s really good that i got this question, it seems feedback mechanism is working in my brain. Help me to improve my self.


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