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Shaolin Temple: The Temple of Shaolin Kung Fu

Posted on: September 7, 2008

Those of who have seen Martial Arts Movies have heard about the “Shaolin Kung Fu”.

With an intention to spread the Shaolin Kung Fu & Culture, Shaolin International Federation is set up.  Shaolin Kung Fu was developed by Bodhidharma (an Indian) as mentioned on the Shaolin Internation Federation’s website ( which is reproduced below). 

“Almost all the stories can be traced back to him, Bodhidharma, the 18th-generation heir of Mohakasyapa. It is Bodhidharma who founded the religious philosophy named the Zen. It is he who developed the world’s unique Shaolin kungfu. And, most important of all, he integrated the status focused Zen with the Shaolin kungfu known for its bravery and fierce valour, thus rendering the martial art tradition of the Zen an ever lasting glory. “


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