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The sooner the better

Posted on: September 11, 2008

The time has come for Indians to do some Research in Fundamental Sciences, this area causing India to buy technology from other countries. It is evident that all the latest technologies are the results of Fundamental Research.
As per my knowledge, in India we are producing Engineers, who go and work for a service based company, but very less people choose Basic Sciences(Physics, Maths etc) as their graduation. The main reason behind this is Job & money.
It is good if Organizations support the research graduates in Fundamental Sciences, i am thinking of an organization which generates revenue from Software Development (product or service), and supports the researchers in the Fundamental Sciences to carry their research.
In coming future we may loose the momentum of growth due to lack in the knowledge of fundamental sciences, we can’t go and purchase each and every useful technology from countries like US. To be self reliant India has to take steps in this direction and provide a good support to Scientists.

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