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Me at Google Developer Day 2008 India

Posted on: October 18, 2008

Couple of hours ago i attended the Google Developer Day 2008 at Chancery Pavilion , Residency Road, Bangalore.

It was a pleasue to attend the First Google Developer Day 2008 event in India.

As I know most of the other Developers that attended or Google itself can provide much more information about it, so from my side i thought to provide brief details.

Google Developer Day  started with a video about Google which was composed in fantastic way with music.If i happen to get that video i will post it here within couple of days.

Then Dr. Prasad addressed the Keynote and he talked about the Google’s mission to make Cloud more accssible to the User. He showed us how Google is adressing the 
  • Client – Ex. Google Chrome
  • Cloud – Ex. Google App Engine
  • Connectivity — Ex. Android Platform
There were Tech Talk on 
  • Google Desktop API
  • Indic API
  • OpenSocial
  • Google App Engine
  • Maps API
  • Google Web Tool Kit
I attended Google Desktop API & Google App Engine Tech Talks.

Overall it was a great experience & Google Developers were pretty awesome

Here are the some of the links

Apart from that every one got 2 GB Pen Drive with all the necessary softwares & SDK, 1 T- Shirt, 1 Key Ring, 1 Notepad to make Computer Geeks happy.

Happy Googling……………. 

2 Responses to "Me at Google Developer Day 2008 India"

so what SDK they provided??

no Android is going to be released in couple of days.

Pen Drive/CD Contains
1. Python
2. Google App Engine
3. OpenSocial SDK
4. Google Desktop
5. Google Desktop SDK

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