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Terrorist Attack on Mumbai

Posted on: December 12, 2008

Readers of this blog may be wondering why i did not post any thing since from a long time. Its just that mind is not supporting to think beyond Mumbai attacks. What happened to India? Why still no action from Indian part?Why our so called leaders lost control of the situation?Why can’t we the youngsters contribute to India? Why still we living like ostrich bird?What we can do to strengthen our country? Earning for our living is there but why can’t we take some day of week and come up with action plans and clean up the system?It is evident that, now People are very very angry against Politicians and Corruption.

I know you too have many questions and many ideas that can help India.I thought about it and wanted something to do my part for the sake of India. In that process i registered a website called (Akhanda Bharat — United India) and it has a forum at . I request you to register and share your ideas and action steps that we need to take to strengthen our country. Whatever is under our control we will take those actions and try to bring golden days back to India.

Let us rebuild our nation.

Jai Hind” “Vande Mataram


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