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Ramanujan: The Man who knew Infinity

Posted on: December 22, 2008

Today is the 121 Birth Anniversary of Srinivas Ramanujan,a famous Indian Mathematician,who, with almost no formal training in pure mathematics, made substantial contributions to mathematical analysis,number theory,infinite series and continued fractions.Recently his contributions have found applications in crystallography and string theory.

In the memory of Ramanujan, Tamil Nadu every year celebrates 22 December as ‘State IT Day’. His contributions to Mathematics are well known.The contribution of G.H. Hardy a famous mathematician is also equally important, but when some body asked him what was his biggest contribution to Mathematics, Hardy told, Ramanujan was his biggest contribution to Mathematics,such was the genius of Ramanujan.

Here is his brief Profile.


Born : 22 Dec 1887
Died : 26 April 1920
Birth Place : Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Contributions to Mathematics :

1. Landau- Ramanujan Constant
2. Mock Theta Fuction
3. Ramanujan Prime
4. Ramanujan – Soldner Constant
5. Rogers- Ramanujan Identities

Applications of his contributions :

1. Crystallography
2. String Theory

I wrote this post to pay tribute to him & his genius.


1 Response to "Ramanujan: The Man who knew Infinity"

excluding this..

Giving an exclusive formula to calculate Pi digits easliy, which modern day computer uses it…

Lets see the
Counter attack:-

1)Ramanujan's work mainly concerned with Pure applied math, like finding square roots, squaring a circle,work related to trigonometric functions..etc.

2) if he is so great then why didn't he try to solve at least one problem from the famous 23 Hilbert problems.

3)what about solutions to
Navier-stokes equations?

4)what about Poincare conjecture ?

5)what about Riemann hypothesis ?

6)what about solutions to non-linear PDE's?

7)what about Euclid's fifth postulate ?

8)what about Fermat's little theorem?

9)what about Fermat's last theorem ?

10)Godel's completeness theorem.

enough…, need any more..?

Rating on a Hardy scale as 100/100 that doesn't mean he's so great,

Hardy himself didn't contribute anything great to math .

I hope in my belief, he's(Hardy) just a strict professor who think student's don't know anything until they taught by them.

There are some great men who turned the course of human history entirely with their theories, some of them are

1)Khwarizmi- the basic Algegra,the symbols we use [ +, /, x, – ] concept of zero, functions,first algorithm.

2) Bernard Riemann -elliptic Geometry

3) Bolyai- hyperbolic geometry

4) Lobachevsky-hyperbolic geometry

5) Euler : –
– concept of 'e'
– complex numbers (i^2 = -1)
– e^ix = cosx + i sinx

6) Hilbert- vector algebra (complete a-z hypothesis of it)

7) what a prism to optics is,

"Fourier's work is same to signal analysis"

the lossy '.jpg' is based up on his Discrete Cosine Transform(DCT)

8) Lorentz, Poincare, Mach, Hermann Minkowski..etc

" They laid the very roots of relativity concepts" all the tools Einstein needed to frame Special Relativity; manifolds,metric, tensors, differential geometry, Continuum calculus..etc.

{ Don't forget that @ the time Einstein produced 3 papers in 1905
he's working in SWISS PATENT OFFICE. there's very high probability that he may be copied all that what he want & arranged in a good manner and produced to us his sh*t,if he(Einstein) is so genius then he him self didn't succeeded to give solution to his field equations and in formulating Grand Unification theory too.
(EM + gravitation }

9)Andrew wiles- Proof to Fermat's last theorem
[ a^n + b^n = c^n ;where n is integer and n>2 ] proof(1995) using elliptic curve

10)the CAD software you people use
" it's root math(Linear algebra + multivariate calculus ) is From Galerkin,Hrennikoff,& Richard Couran5)

my fingers are paining me, and this last line.

For there are 2 types of mathematicians
1) mathematician by Birth
2) mathematician by worth

I hope Ramanujan is first category
that doesn't mean he's all time great.

any counters..?

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