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Tips & Tricks to go Green

Posted on: March 11, 2009

Tip 1# If you plug your Computer,TV, converter box, DVD player and surround sound stereo system into a power strip, you can eliminate the “phantom” loads they may draw when they appear to be off but are still consuming electricity in standby mode.

Tip 2# Use kitchen towels and cloth napkins instead of paper products. Stop using plastic straws, you know how to drink out of a cup?! Avoid buying/taking plastic utensils. If you must, bring home, wash, and reuse. Most can be washed in dishwasher.

Tip 3# Keep plants around the house.

Tip 4# Don’t use cloth dryers, instead, dry your clothes to the sun.

Tip 5# Eat less meat. Cutting red meat and dairy consumption once a week reduces green house gas emissions equivalent to driving a 25 miles/gallon vehicle 1160 miles/yr (1860 km/yr). Cutting consumption altogether is equivalent to 8100 mi/yr (13000 km/yr).

Tip 6# Use LCD monitors instead of CRT,LCD monitors use less electricity and generates less heat than CRT monitors.

Submit your Tips, i will post them here.

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