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Hunt for Indian Secret Societies

Posted on: March 21, 2009

I am involved in finding the Indian Secret Societies. Recently I had a chat with one of my friend who is also invovled.Here is the chat transcript.

7:17 PM Rahul: Hello one questen
7:18 PM me: hi
  yeah tell me
7:19 PM Rahul: Like Priory of Sion is more famous for its members like Issac Newton have u ever heard ne prominent person of India of this team?/
7:21 PM me: u mean in the group of priory of sion?
 Rahul: yes
7:22 PM me: no
  i don’t think any body has associated with it
7:23 PM Rahul: but it must be…..I mean more brillaint people are very obvius to be attracted to their philosophy
7:24 PM me: yeah, but religion was the main criteria, so people didn’t associated with it
7:25 PM if u see the history of Priory, it started around 11th century
7:26 PM Rahul: it is more ancient than that isnt it??
 me: and that time, foreign invasion was happening in India
7:27 PM it might be ancient but existed in some other name
  so during crusades they might have changed the name
7:28 PM Rahul: may be the Manuscripts of their details have gone to the distant far off land like that of Illumiati and will resurface in some time
 me: u can recall that, Knights templar also came on the scene at that time
7:29 PM Rahul: that righ for their lives they went underground??
 me: yeah
  they operated under different names just to avoid the church
7:30 PM Rahul: u think National Library might help??
 me: u can say, they were diverting the attention
  our National Library?
  Raja Ram Mohan Roy library?
7:31 PM Rahul: In Kol
  here I’ve herd they contain manuscripts
  but one problem
 me: yeah
 Rahul: i dnt know where to look into
7:32 PM I mean there must be a key
  where the search should be starting from
7:33 PM me: hmm, one minute
7:34 PM sorry i was on call
  i believe old temples of India and their manuscripts might help
7:35 PM but we can’t directly check those things bcoz of religious restrictions
 Rahul: how the hell Dan Brown gets all his info then??
 me: and also, there may be some traps, we dont know how to avoid those things
7:36 PM that info was available from other writers
  he just put it in a nice novel
 Rahul: but here s no clue
  they r just tremendous brillaint
  bt some thing tells me the path is alive
7:37 PM me: here the chances of finding clues is almost impossible, if u recall that, there was no book on veda & all things, all those things passed from Teacher to student verbally
7:38 PM so you can’t expect the clues, as in Davinci Code
  or National Treasure
 Rahul: yeah thats why decrepency crreped in on regarding the description of Krishna ………..or Mahabharata
 me: s
7:39 PM but, the clues are there but they are distributed
7:40 PM Rahul: ok I think I need to think but something tells me I am not far from the key……………….I will take some days now if I get hand on nething I ll make a contact ok?
 me: yeah
  sure i will be glad
 Rahul: Bye 4 now tk kr dude
 me: to get invlved
  sure, take care

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I’m looking for Indian Sensible Societies. Keep me posted!

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