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23 March 1931

Posted on: March 23, 2009

Today would mark 78 years of the sacrifice three young men gave for the nation. Bhagat Singh- Raj Guru- Sukh Dev.

So today no one in news would talk about Bhagat Singh, Sukh Dev and Raj Guru the three young men who were hanged on this day near Ferozpur near the present India-Pakistan border. These men never cared about religion and fought for the freedom of the nation.


Indians seem to have forgotten the sacrifice and keep remembering Gandhi. It is definitely an unfortunate thing that people who were not in congress and worked for India’s freedom never got the credit they deserve.Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru shall remain in my heart till I die. These are the people whom the young generation should have as idols. Their sacrifice, their patriotism & their principles, we should never forget them.


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well the media these days is too busy with the election mantra so it won’t be looking into dead martyrs. Yes i do salute them and to a certain extent ur true that people related to congress always shared the lime light. Well the British did consider Gandhi as the Biggest politician in Indian History(It’s said in the book Freedom at midnight).

Nice thought.s

nice post.. i salute these martyrs.

everyone should have 2 salute dude

sabse pahle mera in desh ke shero ko sat sat pranam jinhone apni bharat maa ke liye apni jaan ki parvah nahi ki . aaj phir desh ko aise matrbhoomi par mar mitne vale shero ki jaroort hai * aur ham aisa kar ke dikhayenge bismil sahab ke shabdo me ” vaqt aane de bata denge tujhe ae aasmana” hum abhi se kya bataye kya hamare dil main hai” NANDANN TIWARI ” VANDE MATRAM

i think the youth of India are very conscious about the person’s like Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev. Actually we cannot only blame at congress or any other organization or person. , but we also have look inside us that many of us even don’t know that the condition which they faced were close to hell . Most of us remember our girlfriend’s whole bio data but we have very less know how about our freedom fighter’s , and friend’s we can’t under-estimate Gandhi ji also .
And if we are talking about freedom fighter’s . Why should we are forgetting our hero’s of 1965,1971,&1999 the Kargil war with PAKISTAN these was also fight’s , which we fought for our land .
the main problem is the politics of India .So friend’s come on be a part of this system and we will change the system and then every past freedom fighter will be remembered by all of us.

Hi Sudeep,

I am not underestimating Gandhi, what I am saying is sacrifice by other freedom fighters also equally important.
I never said I forgot our Hero’s of 1965,1971 & 1999 War, I remember them too.
I completly agree with you that we are part of the system, and only we can change it.

Jai Hind

superb! after reading tis i got goosebumps….i really salute these young men for the sacrifice they gave for our contry….INQULAB ZINDABAD..

Truly speaking, Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru- & Sukh Dev are still alive in every Indians heart. British dogs were able to hang only their bodies but not their principles, thoughts & views.

Long live Bhagat Singh- Raj Guru- Sukh Dev……..

Bhagat Singh- Raj Guru- Sukh Dev —- Zindabad

Bhagat Singh- Raj Guru- Sukh Dev —- will be loved forever.

vatan pe marne vale her ek bande ko 100 100 salam

yu hi nahi mili aazadi dil kai jale the
lase kai giri thi yaha budhe aur bacche roye the
bap ke kandhe pe jab bacche hu ye savar ( nanami )
to aakho ne bhi aasu khun ke bahaye the
unho ne jo kjhayi thi kasme fir se hum duharate hai
agar gulista a hind pe kisi ne buri nazar dali to kasam hai un
sahido ki , nazar uthane vale ki …………… salam hame aazadi dene valo e sahido salam

Thanks for this posting. I was telling my son about these 3 brave men and could not find a photo anywhere of Sukh Dev and Raj Guru.

My Son Abhay is 6 years old now and he asked me a simple question the other day. He said”Maa if these 3 people died for the freedom of our country then why don’t we have their photos & Statues everywhere like other National leaders”

For a moment I did not know what to say… then I told Abhay Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukh Dev live in our hearts… They live in each one of us… they do not need statues to be remembered.

This is how I feel about them and many more who have very little or no mention in our freedom struggle history. I pray to God that my son has the same love and respect for his mother land as these 3 men had. I salute these true sons of the soil.

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