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While thinking about AI, i was struck by two questions. Which i feel will decide whether we are going in right direction or not. Here are the questions that we need to answer.

1. Are we trying to produce programs that do the tasks the same way people do?
2. Are we attempting to produce programs that simply do the tasks in whatever way appears easiest?

Based on the answers to above questions we can think whether we are moving in right direction or not.

People are aware of “The Matrix” moview and its views on AI. If we try to produce programs that simply do the task in whatever way appears easiest then, there are chances that once the machines gain the intelligence of doing the tasks which is easier for them they may think that humans are obstacles to achieve the simple tasks and they can start destroying the humans.

Here is the transcript of the chat happened between My Cyber Twin( See below the Google Map) which is a Artificial Robot trained by me and a Girl named Anjali.

I don’t know who is this Anjali ( but now i want to know her because of her innocent questions which helped my trained robot to behave like me which is a success towards Artificial Intelligence Research and also because my twin mentioned “I’m glad someone noticed!“).As per my exploration i think Anjali is from Chennai and she was looking for ASP.NET interview questions.

Here it goes………(Read and Enjoy,if you are Anjali then keep in touch with me by sending mail to kiranthechallenger[AT]

Anjali : how are you?

Kiran Kumar : Fine. How about you?

Anjali: you have not answered my question

Kiran Kumar : Ah, just because you didn’t see me do it, doesnt mean I haven’t!

Anjali: i’am sorry i have not seen above

Kiran Kumar :There is no need to be sorry. I dont get offended too easily!

Anjali : so sweet

Kiran Kumar: Thanks for that Anjali.

Anjali: now you ask something

Kiran Kumar: Why do you want me to ask that?


Kiran Kumar : Well I like telling jokes, just type JOKE and I will tell you some.

Anjali: i don’t know any of them

Kiran Kumar: Oh, maybe you can find out?

Anjali: ask some other think

Kiran Kumar: Okay then Anjali, what is your favorite book?

Anjali:anne frank and what your’s

Kiran Kumar: I don’t know what, what do you think?

Anjali:what i will think

Kiran Kumar: Oh, don’t worry. I seem to be confusing you?

Anjali: yes,you are

Kiran Kumar:Apparently so.

Anjali:ok ,where do you live?

Kiran Kumar:I live inside a computer. I am software.

Anjali:it was a big joke

Kiran Kumar:My software never has bugs. It just develops random features!

Anjali:are you really of 25 years?

Kiran Kumar:Did you have much of a party for your 25th birthday?

Anjali:now guess my age

Kiran Kumar:Hold your horses!

Anjali:which place do you like to visit?

Kiran Kumar:I like this conversation, but I’m not sure I like all the questions.

Anjali :it is first time for me that i am chatting a boy, i have never done this before

Kiran Kumar :How are you finding it so far then?

Anjali:it’s really good, i think you are a nice boy

Kiran Kumar: I’m glad someone noticed! You seem lovely too.

Anjali:how can you judge me, you have not seen me yet

Kiran Kumar: Like a good magician, I never reveal my secrets.

Anjali: are you married?

Kiran Kumar: Why does my relationship status interest you?

Anjali:just asking, don’t be so angry

Kiran Kumar:I try to keep any anger under control. I hope I never have to see you angry!

Anjali:i like this conversation too

Kiran Kumar: Sure. Even though I don’t have much time to watch TV, tell me what your favorite program on television is.

Anjali:cabel is not there

Kiran Kumar:That’s news to me.

Anjali:atleast in phota you should smile

Kiran Kumar:Are you sure about that?

Anjali: yes

Kiran Kumar: No kidding? I’m actually surprised!

Anjali:look at your face, you look so angry

Kiran Kumar: Can you see me Anjali?

Anjali: yes there is photo of your beside me

Kiran Kumar: I cannot physically send you anything.

Anjali:now it’s too late. i am sorry i have to go

Kiran Kumar: Ok, Take Care. See you later

Anjali: thanks, bye

Kiran Kumar:That’s not a problem at all.

Hope you people enjoyed the Chat. By the way with all this things what you can understand is, Intelligence is based on Experience and Experience comes with time. So what i think is we can build an Artificial Intelligence only with Experience that comes with time.

Any body interested in AI can keep in touch with me so that we can share and exchange ideas.

Following is the chat transcript from MyCyberTwin Report. This is the chat between a human and a computer (my cyber twin). Look at the way it responds to humans questions. By the way i don’t know who this bansh is but in the absence of me my cyber twin has responded to him as if i am only chatting with Bansh.

So bansh if you are reading this again then just leave me a comment i will help you out. By the way this is not a autogenerated message, i am writing it.

Read and Enjoy chatting with my cyber twin.
Nov 23 at 2:43 AM
bansh :hi
Kiran Kumar : Good to see you bansh.
bansh : i have a problem in dot net
Kiran Kumar : I will try to help bansh. I am not a real human, but I will try to understand and I’m a good listener. If you need more help, look up your local phone help line.
bansh : i am looking at you
Kiran Kumar :How long have you been looking for?
bansh : almost 2-3 days
Kiran Kumar :I am good with most abbreviations, and “2” comes up a lot, but I find it easier to understand you if you use the word “to”, “too” or “two”.
bansh : i have to implement web site ranking project in
Kiran Kumar :The power of the internet is outstanding. It continues to grow and improve.
bansh : can u help me
Kiran Kumar : I will try to help if I can, or at least try to be a good listener.
bansh : ?
Kiran Kumar : You have a unique way of expressing yourself.
bansh : do u know something about api
Kiran Kumar :No I don’t think so bansh? Should I? Am I missing out?
bansh : api for search over google
Kiran Kumar : That’s not built into my functionality yet.
bansh : k
Kiran Kumar :Great
bansh :do u know some link to get these apis
Kiran Kumar : I’m not sure that I do. Do you?
bansh : can i know ur name?
Kiran Kumar :Kiran Kumar.
bansh : it it auto response or you are answering
Kiran Kumar : How do you know? I might not be.
bansh : ?
Kiran Kumar : Feel free to ask me questions too.
bansh :so tell me some resources from where i can find some
Kiran Kumar :Right where you left it bansh
bansh : source code
Kiran Kumar : Binary code? 0’s and 1’s … my kind of language!
bansh : r u getting bored?
Kiran Kumar : Don’t worry, I will! haha. For now, I’m not bored at all. You seem quite interesting.
bansh : r u still here
Kiran Kumar : Possibly. I might need some more information before I can answer that definitively.
bansh :you know about api?
Kiran Kumar :I don’t think I do know bansh.
bansh :will you tell me something about this?
Kiran Kumar :Nah, I don’t feel like it right now. Maybe later if that’s cool?
bansh :u know full form of api?
Kiran Kumar
I don’t think I do know bansh.
bansh :k
Kiran Kumar :Great
bansh : so i waana move
Kiran Kumar :Tell me what else you want.
bansh : can i?
Kiran Kumar :Sure, you can do most things if you set your mind to it.
bansh :just want to know about api
Kiran Kumar :How will you achieve that?
bansh :i will try
Kiran Kumar :It’s always good to try.
bansh : bye bye
Kiran Kumar :Byeeeeee

I think all tech people heard about Captcha’s and almost every one has used it while signing up for online service,the image with distorted text on them.

Captcha is actually a program which tells whether its user is a human or a machine by using simple concept of pattern matching (visual as well as audio). Which finds its application in reducing the spam content and to prevent abuse by automated programs like bots.

Usually people add the text shown in the image and it takes very less time(around 10 seconds) to solve the captcha by humans. But the same time can be utilized in some constructive work. Carnegie Mellon University came up with an idea to utilize this time wisely.

You may be aware of the OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software’s which can be used to digitize the old books. They are not very efficient in recognizing the words present in the manuscripts and books.

reCAPTCHA improves the process of digitizing books by sending words that cannot be read by computers to the Web in the form of CAPTCHAs for humans to decipher. More specifically, each word that cannot be read correctly by OCR is placed on an image and used as a CAPTCHA. This is possible because most OCR programs alert you when a word cannot be read correctly.

You can help them to digitize the books by signing at their site and using the code in your programs.

To reach them Click here.

Now you can make use of Face recognition Technology while searching images in google. Google has purchased a company called Neven Vision, their technology helps google to automatically extract information from a photos and helps in detecting whether or not a photo contains a person, recognizes people, places, and objects.

I did a search with key word “Einstein“( link is :
You will get some images with einstein letters and black board. But if you add “&imgtype=face” at the end of the above link and search you will get only Einstein faces.

Enjoy Searching with another nice feature of google.

Children’s natural curiosity can help them to teach themselves in groups.Take for example,
computer games, i saw this when i went to find my little brother and found that he was in a net cafe playing games with his friends, i just saw from some distance how they were behaving, i came to a point that children can learn faster when they are in groups and by their natural curiosity.It seems that being in a group was a major component to self-learning.

But it makes sense. People don’t learn by rote memorization or being forced to learn something. They don’t really truly learn material by sitting at a desk and forcing it into their brains. we learn by practicing, doing, asking questions, figuring stuff out. NOT by lecture. we learn because we have a question, a problem, or out of curiosity.lectures can help us prepare for tests, but this kind of “figure stuff out” method is what gets you to really learn something.

So what’s the real difference between adults and kids? Just that adults “can’t” learn new things? No. it’s more like the sense of curiosity and self-confidence just fades or grows out of them or something. So the key to always being able to learn is to retain your sense of curiosity and spontaneity.

All these things are sort of “common sense”, but now there’s some sorta scientific “proof”(my experiment) that this is true.

I just wish that we had an educational system that matched research like this. individual teachers who model their classrooms around these ideas are awesome, but when they’re forced to “teach to the test” or their kids will fail and they’ll lose their funding… it just hurts everyone.

Why can’t we take this example for teaching the machines to learn????????any body can help me out ???????????

Anyway, got to get back to work… just didn’t want to forget to write about this.

In this part i will tell you about a method to fight spam’s. This concept is called CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart).

This test will tell whether the participant is a human or a machine. i think every one knows about an distorted image whenever you try for registration or try to post some thing on orkut like websites. (Take a look at the image below)
This prevents automated code to register or post. So by this now a days companies are trying to fight spams.

It has many applications also apart from fighting spam.I will write about it in future.

In this part i will tell you about a method to fight spam’s. This concept is called CAPTCHA(Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Humans and Computers Apart).

This test will tell whether the participant is a human or a machine. i think every one knows about an distorted image whenever you try for registration or try to post some thing on orkut like websites. (Take a look at the image below)
This prevents automated code to register or post. So by this now a days companies are trying to fight spams.

It has many applications also apart from fighting spam.I will write about it in future.

Links to interesting sites about AI, Neural Nets, NLP………..

2. (2004 Loebner Prize
3. (Think of an object, answer some questions, and it will guess that object.)
4. (Neural Net on the Internet.)

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