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I couldn’t stop searching on Google with this Google Squared .I feel this is really cool feature in Google. Hope most of you people like this. Check the screen shot below & you will know why its useful & interesting.

I have Windows Machine with Symantec Anti Virus software,whenever I used to open Google Chrome,I used to get, “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc00005)” error.

After some exploration i found the way to bypass this error.

Here are the steps to follow to get rid of the error.

1. Close Chrome
2. Right click on the Chrome Shortcut and add “–no-sandbox” or “–in-process-plugins” switch as shown in the image below.

“–no-sandbox” switch instructs Chrome not to use Sanbox Security, Sanbox security mode prevents malware from getting installed into computer.

“–in-process-plugins” switch instructs Chrome to run the plug-ins inside the browser process itself. By default Chrome runs plug-ins in seperate process to avoid browser crashing when a plug-in crashes.

Hope it helps.
You: What??!!!! Are you crazy???????

Me : No, I am not.

And here is the explanation why I am not crazy. The User Interface research lab of Google is doing research in this area. It is very much helpful & crucial to get the attention of the user who is searching online.

When you search something on Google, where your eyes will be looking? First result? Bold letters? or Images in the results?

The Google Engineers are working on giving answers to the above questions and trying to utilise the findings to read the minds of the searchers.

Check out their official blog entry on it to know more.

Update: I found it in IBM research site as well. Check out Project Eye Gaze

There is a huge interest in Cloud computing these days. Last month i attended Google Developer Day, Google has already providing Cloud called Google App Engine, where developers can host applications developed in python.

Now it’s Microsoft’s turn, with their Azure Platform they are providing cloud services.

Let me know what you think about the latest trend like Cloud Computing of these big companies.

Intelligent Cloud

Couple of hours ago i attended the Google Developer Day 2008 at Chancery Pavilion , Residency Road, Bangalore.

It was a pleasue to attend the First Google Developer Day 2008 event in India.

As I know most of the other Developers that attended or Google itself can provide much more information about it, so from my side i thought to provide brief details.

Google Developer Day  started with a video about Google which was composed in fantastic way with music.If i happen to get that video i will post it here within couple of days.

Then Dr. Prasad addressed the Keynote and he talked about the Google’s mission to make Cloud more accssible to the User. He showed us how Google is adressing the 
  • Client – Ex. Google Chrome
  • Cloud – Ex. Google App Engine
  • Connectivity — Ex. Android Platform
There were Tech Talk on 
  • Google Desktop API
  • Indic API
  • OpenSocial
  • Google App Engine
  • Maps API
  • Google Web Tool Kit
I attended Google Desktop API & Google App Engine Tech Talks.

Overall it was a great experience & Google Developers were pretty awesome

Here are the some of the links

Apart from that every one got 2 GB Pen Drive with all the necessary softwares & SDK, 1 T- Shirt, 1 Key Ring, 1 Notepad to make Computer Geeks happy.

Happy Googling……………. 
Internet is every where & Google is organizing the World’s Knowledge.

Corporate Vision: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”

Never before in history of humanity so much information was available at a finger tip. Year 2004 marked a revolution with the introduction of Google search Engine. Note the word “Universal”. Since from 2004, year the company went public, Google has been releasing a steady stream of innovative tools & services – some of them developed by Google’s Engineers, many others brought in from acquiring start-ups: Google Search, Google Earth, Gmail, Orkut, Google Chrome, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, Blogger, Picasa, You Tube, Adsense, Adwords….. the list seemingly endless.

Initially it looked like random growth. But as the time passed, the above applications helped Google to gather more information and organize the pieces of knowledge. With the growing information at the Google Servers, the search results are helping people to find out the things they are looking for. With all this the Google, knows what the user needs the moment some one enters the search keyword & with the help of this we can predict the Future.

Suppose, If you search “Nokia N Series”, that means either you may be planning to buy a Nokia N Series or you want to compare it with your own Cell Phone. With little bit of effort if you add up all this information, it would produce a pretty good notion of where the world was heading, of what was about to get hot & what is going out of style. You can call Internet, as Founder of Wired Magazine Mr.Battelle called it, “the database of intentions”.

To find out for yourself visit Google Trends

You might have heard about Google’s Service Called Directory Assistance 1-800-GOOG-411 service] .

The main intention of this services is to collect a bunch of different speech samples. This is used in Speech to Text Conversion, which simplifies the task for video search and audio search.

For more details read the following article posted on

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