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Most of the web developers will know about Fiddler.

Using Fiddler u can log the HTTP traffic between your application & Webservice, here Fiddler acts as a proxy in between your application & the Webservice.

To Use with ASP.NET set the following into your web.config, it will start logging all the HTTP Traffic.

<proxy proxyaddress=”http://localhost:8888&#8243; />


I came across this wonderful site called Forvo where you can find the pronunciation of certain words and also you can add a word (your native language) and pronounce it.

With the advancement of Web 2.0, many people started to work in web related fields. And to help them so many great tools have been developed. Here i will provide you with the list of great tools you can use for your web related work like development and debugging.

For Internet Explorer:
1. Web Development Helper (
2. DebugBar (
3. CompanionJS (

For FireFox:

1. Firebug (
2. Web Developer (
3. Colorzilla (
4. Live HTTP Header (