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Both optimists and pessimists are important in technology. The optimist invented the aeroplane; the pessimist invented the parachute.

How could you increase the site traffic to your blog? You might list in blog directories and search engines, but yet no online traffic might ever come to your site.

Blogexplosion is like a web traffic generator and gets confirmed traffic to your blog. The principle is simple, you visit other peoples blogs and they visit yours and you increase site traffic. For every 2 blogs you visit, one visitor comes to you. This is very good if you are new blogger and want to build traffic. If you visit 10 blogs, 5 confirmed visitors will come to you. Moreover, you surf those blogs you like as per your category preferences.

From the book What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

What will happen to common knowledge in the future? I do think our ancestors had it easy: Aside from all the juicy bits of unshared gossip and some proprietary trade secrets and the like, people all knew pretty much the same things and knew that they knew the same things. There just wasn’t that much to know. Won’t people be able to create and exploit illusions of common knowledge in the future, virtual worlds in which people only think they are in touch with their cyberneighbors?

The things have changed on the net , people used to ask “whats your Web2.0 startup?” now the same people are asking “where’s your Facebook app?” If you want to be noticed, then hurry.

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