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Recently i got many invitation to join the scour ( social search engine), i was curious to check the results and i submitted my result,bingo, my blog came at the top indicating that my blog is at 1st position on Google, Yahoo, MSN Live search engine results. Take a look at it below & here is the search result .

Wikipedia describes Reciprocal Link as

“A reciprocal link is a mutual link between two objects, commonly between two websites in order to ensure mutual traffic.”

What it means is, suppose 2 websites are there (name them siteA and siteB). You link siteB in siteA and siteA in siteB.

siteA -> siteB ->siteA

So you can say the websites are reciprocally linked.

You can submit to Reciprocal Link Directories to achieve higher Page Ranks.Reciprocal linking between websites became an important part of the search engine optimization process because of PageRank Algorithm of Google,which ranks websites for relevancy dependent on the number of links that led to a particular page and the anchor text of the link.

It may be discarded by search engines so more strategic steps can be taken like Three way linking.

Sites for reciprocal linking
Web ring
Reciprocal Lynx

Yahoo has designed cool search engine called yahoo instant search its similar to google suggest but there is no need to click the search button also. Click here to Visit the search engine and here to visit the shortcuts page.

Many people are fascinated by the results generated by Google, here i have tried to analyze the Search query syntax.

Go to Google and Search for “Einstein” you will get this url in your address bar
as_q=Einstein (query string)
&hl=en (language)
&num=10 (number of results [10,20,30,50,100])
&as_epq= (complete phrase)
&as_oq= (at least one)
&as_eq= (excluding)
&lr= (language results. [lang_countrycode])
&as_ft=i (filetype include or exclude. [i,e])
&as_filetype= (filetype extension)
&as_qdr=all (date [all,M3,m6,y])
&as_nlo= (number range, low)
&as_nhi= (number range, high)
&as_occt=any (terms occur [any,title,body,url,links])
&as_dt=i (restrict by domain [i,e])
&as_sitesearch= (restrict by [site])
&as_rights= (usage rights [cc_publicdomain, cc_attribute, cc_sharealike, cc_noncommercial, cc_nonderived]
&safe=images (safesearch [safe=on,images=off])
&as_rq= (similar pages)
&as_lq= (pages that link)
&gl=us (country)

In recent times many people are talking about “Deep Web”. What it is? Is it Underground Web?

As per my exploration i think the sites which have not been submitted to and crawled by search bots are called Deep Web.

Any one who searches regularly over web has came to know that Google and many search engines don’t provide all the results, they skip out the sites which they have not allowed to crawl or not submitted to search engines.

I am planning to work on search engine which can search even the “Deep Web” sites.
Any body out there interested to join me?write comment and keep in touch with me.

We all know about the search engine gaint Google, recently i came across a site called which is operated by google.

Is Google researching on secret search engine ? Take a look at Searchmash.

Why another search engine?Is Google Experimenting with new ways of searching the web?Why its not listed in google labs?

If you find any information let me know too.

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