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Actually I dont have access to the TV (Idiot Box) so, lately i came across this Video on You Tube.

I thought to post it here and write something about it.

During G20 Summit Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, advised the G20 Nations with 4 ways to tackle the Economic downturn.
1. IMF & Asian Development Banks resources needs to be enhanced immediatly.
2. Industrialized Countries need to take toxic assets out of Financial System.
[Toxic Assets an Example (from Yahoo Answers) : Let’s say that Raj had a loan with ICICI Bank. The Loan is for Rs 200,000 for a house and Raj pays 6% interest. The house is collateral, meaning ICICI gets the house if Raj defaults. But this house was valued at Rs 275,000, so what is the worry?

So now ICICI Bank has “mortgage paper”, which is an asset. They can sell the mortgage to anyone they wish. Raj will then be required to pay the purchaser, who will get the benefit of the 6% interest. It’s an investment which may (or may not) make more money in the future. A good idea if ICICI needs money immediately.

But old Raj doesn’t have the money to pay this mortgage. At the same time, the house value has greatly reduced to Rs 150,000. Raj still owes Rs 199,000.

If Raj defaults on this, ICICI Bank will only be able to recover a portion of their money back. The mortgage paper has now become illiquid (the house can’t pay the mortgage). ICICI Bank is now unable to sell it. Why would somebody pay for an asset that guarantees you will lose money?

That mortgage has become a “toxic asset”.]

3. Access of Funds needs to be restored to emerging economies like India.
4. Need to commit ourselves to keep protectionism away.

I doubt on whatever things are happening in Pakistan.People may be getting this question,recent Activities in Pakistan a way to divert attention from Mumbai Attack Investigations? 


It looks to me that, they are just diverting the attention of the world from Mumbai Attacks. First they delayed it saying they want proof and once proof submitted they told they are not considerable for further investigations & they sent 30 questions to India & when India answered, then they played the political games in pakistan, and later settled the matter without Pak military taking over the Govt. Then attack on Sri Lankan Cricketers to show that Pakistan is also a target of Terrorism. And if you look at the recent developments, suddenly the attacks in pakistan have increased. All this things make me conclude that they just want people to forget the Mumbai Attacks.


And here in India, we have Parlimentaty Elections and till the next govt forms there will not be any actions from India. And almost, most of the people have forgotten the Mumbai Attack.


Only God can save the our Country.

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