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Today is a special day. 1 February 2010 => 01/02/2010 => 01022010.

01022010 number is a palindrome.

For those of you who don’t know what palindrome is :
“A palindrome is a word, phrase, number or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction.”

“Happy Palindrome Day”

Problem :

In SSRS, when you export the report in CSV format, you will not get values. (Export Limitations in SSRS)

Solution :

The data renderers, CSV and XML, only show data and not any layout, means it display non-static data.

Data renderers don’t render static data by Default, they only render expressions.
So either change the table to render real data coming from data base or expressions, or change data output option for table cells (only cells which contain dynamic data, not the headers) from “Auto” to “Yes”.

you can control the export behavior on a textbox-by-textbox basis with the DataElementOutput property.You have 3 options to select, Auto (default), Yes, No.

Right click on Report in Visual Studio solution explorer, select view code & then

add <DataElementOutput>Output</DataElementOutput>

After the name of the text boxes which will be filled by dynamic data.

Hope this helps, Let me know if you find any difficulty.

Details about this Eclipse:

* Moon’s shadow will cover the sun & you will get to watch the ‘Ring of Fire'(Annular solar eclipse occurs when the sun and the moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the moon’s shadow is smaller than that of the visible disc of the sun. The covered sun, therefore, appears as a ‘Ring of Fire’, with its rays appearing spread out from the outline of the moon.)

* This is millennium’s longest annular solar eclipse that is between 2001 and 3000, maximum duration of the eclipse would be 11 minutes 08 seconds over the Indian Ocean.

* Last time India saw this ‘Ring of Fire’ was Nov 22, 1965, and it will not be witnessed again before June 21, 2020.

* In India, the eclipse started at around 11 a.m. and ended at around 3:15 p.m. The eclipse first seen in south of Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu and then moved obliquely to Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi. It moved to Kerala and ended in Mizoram in the northeast.

The path of the moon’s shadow begun in Africa at 10.44 a.m. and passed through Chad, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia. After leaving Africa, the path crossed the Indian Ocean.

The central path then continued into Asia through the extreme southern part of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China.

Update : My friend Sharanu has wonderfully written about our Solar Eclipse @ Kanyakumari Adventure on his blog post : My Romance with Sun


How are you? Sorry for not updating my blog these 3 months properly, I too got affected by the recession. I had time to read & write but was just too lazy to do anything. Now & then I popped into internet just to check emails & watch movies.

I am still amazed about the way this year went by. Few more days and we will start living in 2010!! I really liked 2009, it was one of the memorable years in my life, health, career & interest all were in good condition. As people say all good things come to an end so too this year 😦 .

As everybody does, I too hope the coming year,2010 will be a good year.Hope to blog regularly in the coming year.

Will update this post in another day or two with some more information about 2009, before 2010 begins.

Aate jate khubsoorat awara sadko pe kabhi kabhi itfaq se,
Aate jate khubsoorat awara sadko pe kabhi kabhi itfaq se,
kitne anjaan log mil jate hain,
unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain,
unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain

Aate jate khubsoorat awara sadko pe kabhi kabhi itfaq se,
kitne anjaan log mil jate hain,
unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain,
unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain,

awaz ki duniya ke dosto, kal raat kisi jagah pe mujhko,
kis kadar ye hasin khayal mila hai,
rah mein ik reshami rumal mila hai,
kis kadar ye hasin khayal mila hai,
rah mein ik reshami rumal mila hai

jo giraya tha kisi ne jaan kar, jiska ho le jaye wo pahchan kar,
warna main rakh loonga usko apna jaan kar,
kisi husn wale ki nishani maan kar, nishani maan kar

hasnte gaate logon ki baaton hi baaton mein,
kabhi kabhi ik mazak se,
kitne jawan kisse ban jaate hain, un kisson mein chand bhool jaate hain,
chand yaad rah jaate hain,

unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain

Taqdeer mujhpe meharban, jis shuak ki ye dastan hai,

usne bhi shayad ye paigam suna ho, mere geeto mein apna naam suna ho,
usne bhi shayad ye paigam suna ho, mere geeto mein apna naam suna ho,
door baithi ye raaj wo jaan le, meri awaz ko pahchan le,
kaash phir kal raat jaisi barsat ho, aur meri uski kahin mulakat ho, mulakat ho
lambi lambi raaton mein jab neend nahi aati,
kabhi kabhi is phirak se,kitne hasin khwab ban jaate hain,
unmein se kuchh khwab bhool jaate,kuchh yaad rah jaate hain,
unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain

Aate jate khubsoorat awara sadko pe kabhi kabhi itfaq se,
kitne anjaan log mil jate hain, unme se kuchh log bhool jaate hain, kuchh yaad rah jate hain

You may want to learn some basic language, when you are going to some distant place where nobody speaks the languages you know. The best way is to buy a dictionary and learn the following. This is not the complete list, its just the bare minimum things you need.

1. Every Day terms ( Food Names, Greeting Terms,
2. Numbers ( frequently used is enough most of the time)
3. Names of Places
Also read this : Learning New things

–contain only abstract methods
–interface can’t be inherited from a class
–using interfaces we can achieve multiple inheritance
–doesn’t allow accessibility modifiers (Public/Private/Internal)
–can’t contain fields, constructors
–is must implementable & its scope is upto any level of its inheritence chain.

Abstract Class
–contain both abstract methods as well as concrete methods
–can extend another class and implement multiple interfaces
–we can’t achieve multiple inheritance
–allows accessibility modifiers
–can contain fields, constructors
–class Abstract class is must inheritable & its scope is upto derived class

Problem: You have a table (table1) & values as above, and it contains the duplicate records as shown, how will you delete the duplicates?

Solution: Use following query, the records shown in the below image will be deleted

delete from table1 where empid not in
(select max(empid) from table1 group by empName,empEmail,empCity);

We all have seen the drawings made by Leonardo Da Vinci but most of us have not thought about his portrait or how he looked like. Most of his contemporaries had drawn their self portrait & Leonardo also must have drawn his portrait. In below video Illustrator Siegfried Woldhek tries to show us the true face of Leonardo, have a look & enjoy.

Good article on Signals Intelligence, read about Signals Intelligence.

If any of you are looking for various Business Models, take a look at this list of Business Models on Wikipedia.

I was simply hopping from one site to another reading randomly today and came across this wonderful post. It’s better if you read it from its original author Steve Blank. So here is the post Elephants can Dance- Re-inventing HP.

Update: Read this as well : Am I a Founder?The Adventure of a Life Time. I would suggest to add these to your favorite links/url’s list.

My last Saturday & Sunday was filled with full of excitement, as I spent my time at Tech.Ed, organised by & BITPro Communities, listening to their wonderful sessions. It was sponsered by Infragistics, telerik,ineta & Microsoft UGSS. It was really a wonderful experience.The main reason for me to attend this event was to know about Virtualization, Cloud Computing but this event helped me to understand the technologies, which I could never have known.

I met some of the wonderful people, got to know lots of upcoming new technologies & had lots of dreams about the various skillsets that I can include in my resume :).

Day 1: (20 June 2009)

The session started with a Keynote by Mr.Ramkumar. His session was interesting start for the other sessions, as the keynote walked us through the various technologies like, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, SaaS, SOA,EAI & reducing the carbon foot print.

Next session was really interesting & inspiring, got to learn about latest features of Windows 7 by Vijay & Vic , Location & Sensor demo’s were really interesting.This session was very informative and was excited to know a product from MS with such nice features.

Then we had a session on ASP.NET 4.0 by Chaitra, which was helpful (BTW,I am ASP.NET Web Apps Developer & It was something i was looking for) as it gave me an insight into the upcoming features. Waiting to use it for any of the projects.

Then the next session was on Solving Integration Challenges with BizTalk by Kashi, I knew the name “BizTalk” but didn’t know how it will be used in Enterprises, & this session really gave me an insight into the world of BizTalk.

After Lunch, we had session on Biztalk & WCF by Meena,this session even further increased my curiosity, I worked on a project on WCF & this particular session made me to understand BizTalk better by means of WCF.

And after Biztalk & WCF session, the next one was by Vic on Silverlight 3. I liked this technology & have plans to work on a project which I was thinking for some time & was waiting for some Ideas, & this session provided me with many more options.

After all these technical sessions came the Management session by Sanath, initially I had plans to skip this session, but stayed there on my friends request, I am thankful to him. I liked the session & this was the inspiring session. After reaching home first thing I did was to find the videos shown in this session on youtube.

Day 2: (21 June 2009)

The day started with Keynote by Vic, he talked about Infragistics & showed demo of their wonderful Controls.

The Next session was on Micosoft Azure by Janakiram, I had very little idea about it, but this session clarified most of the things which I didn’t know about.

After the Azure session came the Work Flow Foundation by Gayathri, which I missed to attend, so I can’t give much details about it, but my friend said it was good.

Before lunch we had a session on SQL Server 2008 & Unstructured data by Praveen, this session helped me to know how microsoft is handling the unstructured data. It usually happens in real world that, most of the time we deal with unstructured data, & I was interested to know much about it & this session helped me to know the ways to deal with unstructured data.

After Lunch, the next session was on Microsoft Echange Server 2010, this session was good, but after some time I was feeling drowsy, as I had rice more during lunch, so lost most part of the session.

The next session was on Windows Server 2008 R2 by S.Kaliyan, which was interesting to know. I listned to this with much attention as it was the base for Microsoft Azrue Platform & at the end of the day we got Trial version of Windows Server 2008 R2 DVD.

The last session of the event was on Virtualization 360 by Praveen, this also was my favourite topic as I experimented with Virtualization my self without going through much details. I used Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 to run Knoppix Live Linux. I came to know the types of virtualizations & many interesting things.

Overall I liked the whole Tech.Ed, it really helped me to get started on many technologies.

BTW, I couldn’t take much pictures at the event as I was busy taking notes, but here is the photo with all the people who conducted the wonderful 2 day event.

If any of you have attended it then let me know about your thoughts & views.

Most of the web developers will know about Fiddler.

Using Fiddler u can log the HTTP traffic between your application & Webservice, here Fiddler acts as a proxy in between your application & the Webservice.

To Use with ASP.NET set the following into your web.config, it will start logging all the HTTP Traffic.

<proxy proxyaddress=”http://localhost:8888&#8243; />

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