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Export Limitations in SSRS

Posted on: January 28, 2010

Problem :

In SSRS, when you export the report in CSV format, you will not get values. (Export Limitations in SSRS)

Solution :

The data renderers, CSV and XML, only show data and not any layout, means it display non-static data.

Data renderers don’t render static data by Default, they only render expressions.
So either change the table to render real data coming from data base or expressions, or change data output option for table cells (only cells which contain dynamic data, not the headers) from “Auto” to “Yes”.

you can control the export behavior on a textbox-by-textbox basis with the DataElementOutput property.You have 3 options to select, Auto (default), Yes, No.

Right click on Report in Visual Studio solution explorer, select view code & then

add <DataElementOutput>Output</DataElementOutput>

After the name of the text boxes which will be filled by dynamic data.

Hope this helps, Let me know if you find any difficulty.


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